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Visitors can change weather situation in the ancient village like Teshub, Hittite god of sky and storm. Wind Speed, Storms, thunders, day-night cycles can be controlled by visitors using control panel consisting of wheels and buttons. Soldiers, civillians, farmers and animals in the village adapt their behavior to weather situation with AI system.

Client : Expo 2016 Antalya 


Art Direction, Animation, Environment, Lighting & Programming: Emrecan Çubukçu 

Concept Art: Murat Tokar

Electronics: Caner Çiftçi

Controller Panel Design: Korkut Mutaf, Önder Erdemli
Architectural Modeling : Uğur Kocabay

Character Artist: Evgenia Ponomareva 
Projection Mapping : Kıvanc Çubukçu

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