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Visitors experience a tour of the ancient Hattusa town with a Hittite chariot with this system which consists of a cylindrical screen and a 2 axes chariot simulator. As visitor take the reins in their hands, they travel through time. For a more engulfing experience, monks passing by, citizens, soldiers, animals and plants of region has been placed as the visitor rides through the town’s ancient roads that curls between the temples, between the borders of the city walls. Fauna and flora of the region has been recreated considering the circumstances of the Hittite Era.

Client : Çorum Archeology Museum


Art Direction, Environment & Programming: Emrecan Çubukçu 
3D Modeling : Uğur Kocabay, Deniz Erturk 
Software-Hardware Integration : Kıvanc Çubukçu

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